Are you worried about storage space?
Is your inventory overshooting your expectations?
Did you just have a huge growth in your business, and now running out of resources?

If these are your worries, Utsarg is your solution.

When in business, you must grow. Growth means greater opportunities, but larger requirements too. When your start-up finally makes its way out of the small office space that you had rented, your inventory should also come out of the garage sized storerooms in the hand- picked warehouses of Utsarg.

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Utsarg is ready to provide you with top- grade warehousing facilities at rates you won’t believe. If you are ready to let us be your warehousing partner, we are ready to help you Get Global as we believe that growth should never stop.

The executives at Utsarg have selected warehouses all over the world to suit your needs. Our warehouses are designed after studying the “motions and times of locomotion” to make your goods easier to locate and move. We have climate- controlled warehouses so that your perishable inventories can reach your esteemed customers in the best possible condition.

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To help you keep a perpetual track of your inventory efficiently, we have warehouses that are equipped with computers which can manage the inflow and outflow of goods from the warehouse.

Our warehouses have the required loading and unloading machinery for efficient and time- saving loading and unloading process. To add to it, the warehouses have pickers and ample human resource to make the supply- chain run smoothly.

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At Utsarg, your security is our top priority. To ensure the safety of your goods, our warehouses are equipped with security personnel and CCTV Cameras throughout the day, 24x7. Again, to add to all these mind- blowing features, the Utsarg warehouses are located well within the accessible region and can be easily reached by any suitable means of transport.

The why wait, get a quote from our experienced warehousing executive and embark on a GLOBAL Journey with us! Feel free to drop a mail at: [email protected] and we will be glad to be at your service.

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