About Us


Our History

It all started with a question as to why the trade deficit of India is so significant(USD 12.12 billion as of November 2019)? Even after India being such a diverse market place why aren't Indian exporters able to sell goods overseas?

Let's see what Government of India Ministry of Commerce & Industry has to say about this, according to them,
The key difficulties faced by an Indian exporter are -

  • Technical and non-technical barriers to trade such as Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) standards imposed on agricultural items and quality standards on manufactured goods.
  • Tariff advantages to the exporters of competing countries in key export markets due to trade agreements between their countries and destination countries/regions.
  • Higher logistics and financing costs for Indian exporters.

Logistics in India is a USD 215 billion market and its been there since ages if Exporter says that Logistics is still one of the key issues they face while selling goods across borders - I say we change it.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to create an online market place for local manufacturers/traders and provide an end to end logistical support to help them get their goods delivered anywhere in the world.



Santosh Kumar Jha

Guide, Mentor and adviser

Our guide and adviser who helps in taking all major decisions related to the business. A veteran CHA and freight broker with about 30 years experience in the field. His contribution to the business cannot be described in words.


Manish Kumar Jha

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing and BD

Past marketing professional with a proficiency in digital aspects of marketing. Born in the family where International Logistics was the bread and butter. Vast experience with Freight Forwarding with specialization in Customs Clearance aspect of the business.


CA Vinit Sharma

Co-Founder, Head of Finance and Operations

The finance guru, a CA by profession. Handling the finance and operations part of the business. With working experience in companies like KPMG, now putting all his financial brain to help clients succeed in International Logistics.

How It Works


Choose Your Service

You can choose from a range of logistical solutions we provide.

  • You can choose to get our end to end solution.
  • You can also ask for a single service.
  • Get started by asking for a free quote or contact us.

Select Your Payment

We have a unique way of payment settlement.

  • Milestone based payment.
  • Our quotation is our invoice no surprises there.
  • We have a special credit based payment system for our regular and trusted clients.

Tracking Your Order

Tracking is an important part of a supply chain.

  • We have a dedicated team to track you goods and keep you updated via email.
  • You can call your dedicated CRM to get the insights.
  • Just send us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you in no time.