Top Freight Forwarders

We have come up with the list of best freight forwarding companies in Kolkata. The comparison shows the extent of flexibility in services provided by different freight forwarding companies in Kolkata. We have left it for you to analyze how compatible these companies are with subject to the services you need.

Forwarders List

Top Freight Forwarders in Kolkata


This is an extensive data-driven survey conducted by authentic surveyors within the team of Utsarg.

They checked that as a customer, what will be the basic features and services that one will expect from a freight forwarding company?

The conclusion was driven by the following questions -

  • Can the freight forwarder provide air, water, and ground shipping services?
  • Does the forwarder have an in-house clearance team?
  • Does the freight forwarder provide door-to-door service?
  • Does the company help in generating business leads?
  • Will the forwarder allow you to custom the service?

Based on the above criteria, the team has made a table where they have listed down the various services provided by freight forwarders in Kolkata. The first column has names of various companies and the subsequent columns hold the binary data.

Feel free to explore the table to know about the top contenders in the freight forwarding business.

It has been our sincere effort to keep this comparison error and bias-free.

If you notice anything wrong or outdated here do let us know at [email protected], and we will make necessary corrections.